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Linsey Corbin talks about pre-season training

My 2017 race season ended in October at the Ironman World Championships. It’s been six weeks which means one thing: 2018 is on my mind.

A detailed reflection of my 2017 season revealed that I took too long of an off-season (almost 10+ weeks) and as a result, I had a large drop in fitness that took a long time to recuperate. We wanted to combat this for 2018, so I have been back on my bike for three weeks now.

The past few weeks have sparked my love for pre-season training. I get to ride a bike, just to ride a bike. I have no agenda other than 1.) have fun and 2.) log base miles.

To me, the Speed Concept is all business. I get on a Speed Concept and immediately my mind thinks, how can we get from point A to point B as fast as possible? I also feel like the only way to ride a Speed Concept is fast. That’s why this time of year, the perfect bike for me is a road bike. My bike of choice this Fall has been the Emonda. It’s light, zippy, responsive and a blast to ride. My “workouts” are prescribed off of time and everything else is up to me. If I want to ride hard, I ride hard. If I want to cruise around, I can do that as well. If I want to try a new route – now is the time to go for it. I have enjoyed riding a variety of different terrains, surfaces and seeing places that I often don’t get to enjoy during the peak of my training and racing season when my sessions are much more focused.

My initial draw to riding competitively was the feeling of freedom that I had on two wheels. I love seeing places and knowing that my physical capabilities are what got me there. I also love the sense of adventure I get when I ride a bike: you never know what the weather will throw at you, who you will meet along the way, or what new things you may experience. I’m still a competitor at heart. Nothing compares to physically and mentally challenging yourself to get to the top of a climb as quick as possible.

The reality is these experiences would be half as fun without Trek. Their passion for bikes fuels my passion for riding. We’ve had fun over the years, and I am looking forward to many more fast and memorable adventures on two wheels in the coming years. Thank you Trek Bicycle for the wonderful support and playing such a large part in my professional triathlon career. Here’s to 2018, see you on the road!