Thibau Nys new CX World Champion

Belgian junior Thibau Nys adds World Champion title a long list of victories this season

As Thibau Nys crossed the finish line this morning ahead of all other junior men competitors, he earned his final title of the season: World Champion. 18-year-old Nys went into the race as Belgian National Champion, European Champion, and UCI World Cup overall winner. Now, he has the rainbow jersey as well, the ultimate accolade for his final season as a junior rider.

The second day of the cyclocross World Championship in Dubendorf, Switzerland presented rainy skies and a muddy course to riders compared to the dry ground on day one.  On the flat course, power in a rider’s legs ranked high in importance, and now with a little mud thrown in their technical skills came into play.

“I couldn’t believe it. I have no words,” Thibau said after the race. “I knew I was in good shape but on this course I was not sure how I was going to ride. Halfway through the race, I had a small gap, I just rode my own thing, and it was enough.”

In the 2019-2020 season, Thibau won 18 of the 22 races he entered, including victories at all but one UCI World Cup.

To help him celebrate adding World Champion to his palmarès, we thought today should also be one more thing for Thibau: new bike day.

All signs point to Thibau Nys following in the footsteps of his father Sven Nys’ legendary cyclocross career. Going in to today, Sven’s advice to his son was: “Stay relaxed on the course. Find the good lines. Don’t look to other riders. Trust yourself.”

And the most important advice Sven had for his young World Champion son?

“Enjoy every moment.”