Welcome Baloise!

The Telenet Baloise Lions presented in Baal, Belgium

One week before the start of the cyclocross season the Telenet Baloise Lions formation was presented to the public at the Sven Nys Cycling Center in Baal, Belgium. Three women and nine men will dive into the racing in September with a new partner in Baloise.

After 15 fantastic years as a co-sponsor, Fidea – still included in the Baloise Group – makes way for  Baloise and the team welcomes the strong lead partner.

Henk Janssens (CEO Baloise): “Baloise has a heart for sports and for cycling in particular. With Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise, the Baloise Belgium Tour and the six days of Ghent, we have been sponsoring cycling on the road and track for many years now. We are very happy that with the acquisition of Fidea, cyclocross and women’s cycling are also added. Thus our cycling picture is complete.”

Team manager Sven Nys pictured at the team presentation of the 'Telenet Baloise Lions' cyclocross team.

The team will continue with the full support of Telenet.

Jeroen Leen, head of sponsoring and events at Telenet:  “Ten years ago we became a partner of the team together with Fidea. For 10 years we have been supporting cyclocross with the partnerships of the Superprestige and the World Cup. Our goal was to make cyclocross even bigger and more beautiful as a product, and I think we are doing a good job here.”

Strong winter

The Telenet-Fidea Lions experienced an incredible winter in 2019. “With a Belgian pro champion, the overall victory in the UCI World Cup and two medals at the World Championships in Bogense, it was a fantastic winter,” confirmed general manager Sven Nys. “Thanks to the teamwork of each and every rider! Every Lion stood on the podium at least once last winter, and that is something we are extremely proud of.

“It will not be easy to equal those performances in the upcoming winter, but the summer was certainly promising,” added director Kris Wouters. “We were able to continue the results on the road with GC wins in the Flèche du Sud with Quinten Hermans and the Tour of Liège with Nicolas Cleppe. The team also led Toon Aerts to a strong 4th place in the Baloise Belgium Tour. Our women also rode a very strong summer, with the European championships selection for Marthe Truyen as the icing on the cake. ”

The team held their annual training camp in Mallorca.

Irons in the fire

The Telenet Baloise Lions have the strength for another beautiful season. “Belgian champion Toon Aerts and Lars Van der Haar are ready,” said Kris Wouters. “Our youngsters Thijs Aerts and Nicolas Cleppe are one year older and stronger. Furthermore, we can build on the experience of Jim Aernouts. Until December 31 we can also count on the strength of Quinten Hermans and Corné Van Kessel.

“Concerning our women’s team, we are led by the solid and experienced warrior Ellen Van Loy. Our young talents Marthe Truyen and Fleur Nagengast – who is currently struggling with a nasty back injury – will certainly sneak closer to the top. Beginning January 1, the team will be strengthened with the power of Lucinda Brand, the Dutch and second in the World Championships.

“In the men’s U23 category, third-year riders Andreas Goeman and Yentl Bekaert will continue to defend our colors well. All our Telenet Baloise Lions have carried out a solid team training camp on the Spanish island of Mallorca in the past two weeks. Let the season begin!”


Toon Aerts training in Mallorca.

Fleur Nagengast in Mallorca.

Andreas Goeman during the Mallorca training camp.

On Sunday, September 8, 2019, the Telenet Baloise Lions will begin the cyclocross season in Eeklo, Belgium ahead of the Telenet UCI World Cup races in Iowa and Waterloo in the United States.




Toon Aerts, Lars Van der Haar, Thijs Aerts, Jim Aernouts, Nicolas Cleppe, Quinten Hermans (until 31/12), Corné Van Kessel (until 31/12)


Ellen Van Loy, Lucinda Brand (from 01/01)


Andreas Goeman, Yentl Bekaert


Fleur Nagengast, Marthe Truyen