Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek races into 2017

Trek's North American road devo program stretches its legs

Confirming its commitment to developing the next generation of racers, Trek is excited to continue with the Gateway Harley-Davidson/Trek team. The U-25 development team has readied itself for the 2017 season with a strong roster of new and returning riders.

The team for this season consists of Max Ackermann, Micah Engle, George Simpson, Dennis Ramirez, David Lombardo, Bryan Gomez, Kai Wiggins, Willem Kaiser, Matt Zimmer, and Sean Gardner. Leading the program again is Chris Creed and Jim Schneider.

"We are thrilled to have a group of riders that take nothing for granted, and give one another the opportunity to succeed", said Chris Creed. "Although some of the riders are meeting for the first time, they are already feeling like they have known each other for years. Their diverse personalities mixed with a unified work ethic is making 2017 a great one."

Look for the team at the front of road races and crits across North America. The team looks to continue its high ranking it achieved in 2016, where they were one of the top amateur teams, always hitting above their weight class.

Follow the team through @trekraceshop for news and results.