Slinging mud at The Mid South

Scenes from a chaotic race in Stillwater, Okla.

Ruth Winder, Kiel Reijnen and Amity Rockwell traveled from the desert to take on The Mid South, one of gravel racing’s biggest races, clocking in at 100 miles across red clay roads and river beds. The “short” distance (by gravel standards) make it one of the most furiously-raced gravel events of the year. It also serves as the de facto gravel season opener.

This year, riders also had the pleasure of battling sloppy weather — from snow, to mud, to block headwinds — as well as more than 900 other finishers as they forged through the plains in late winter. All three Driftless riders experienced their share of ups and downs — which is to say, they got the full gravel experience.

Winder and Rockwell finished seventh and 10th among women, respectively, while Reijnen took 26th among men. If you haven’t met them yet, click here to learn more about the riders and the stories behind their kit and bike designs. There is plenty more adventure ahead. We’re just getting started.

Enjoy the sights and scenes of The Mid South below, courtesy of photographer Kevin Scott Batchelor.


Amity's bike getting ready for battle.

Kiel doing final touches.

Be kind to your ride.

Ruth ready to start.

All along the river bed.

The mud made pedaling impossible.



Ruth on her grind.

Amity clocks out.

The post-race hug is an unbelievable feeling.

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