Watch the Trek Driftless crew saddle up for another year of gravel adventure

A season of wild racing and great vibes begins ... NOW

Trek’s Driftless crew is on a journey for adventure, and they won’t stop until they find it. Kiel Reijnen, Ruth Winder, Amity Rockwell and Paige Onweller will be taking on the toughest and most ambitious events across North America (and the world!) in 2023. Wherever there’s blistering sun, knee-deep mud and rocks as big as armadillos, there’s a good chance a Driftless rider will be nearby, too.

Meet the squad in their latest video now!

You’ll catch this squad all over the map in the coming months, from the Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey, Calif., later this April, to Unbound Gravel in Kansas in June, to the cold tundra of northern Michigan for Iceman Cometh in November.

Want to get to know the squad, see their bikes up close and learn more about the races they’ll be taking head on? Read up in our team preview. And be sure to follow these cowpokes on Instagram: Kiel (@kielreijnen), Ruth (@ruthwinder8), Paige (@paigepowered) and Amity (@amityvil).

Let’s ride. HYAH.