Ellen Noble races down a new path

Off-roader Ellen Noble gears up for a new CX program in 2020

Trek Race Shop is excited to support cyclocross rider Ellen Noble as she embarks on an entrepreneurial race program.

Ellen, who has ridden with Trek Race Shop support since 2018, will be cultivating a personalized slate of partnerships this year and setting a custom race schedule for herself. This is an independent path that many successful athletes choose in order to tailor their career around their talent, they choose to “privateer” as opposed to be part of a team structure.

“Getting to work with a very wide variety of partners where I have a personal relationship with each one is pretty exciting for me. It’s great to have the full support of Trek on this new path,” Ellen said. “I get more face time with each partner and I get to talk about how my goals and ideas align with their brands. This year, I want to invest in the things that make me happiest as an athlete like strong community ties.”

“Cycling is hard work, adventure, challenge, and happiness.”

In addition to an ambitious CX racing schedule that will take her to the Trek CX World Cup in October and Nationals in December, Ellen plans to mentor young girls at a summer training camp. Ellen loves connecting with young riders and attracting new people to try out a ride or a race.  She is taking her success in CX and building something that is a perfect fit for her interests.

“For me, cycling is such a great tool that helped me explore the world and learn. Getting to work with a bunch of incredible young women gives me so much energy and excitement about the future,” Ellen said. “Cycling is hard work, adventure, challenge, and happiness.”

Ellen took her off-season training to Arizona this year after a tough 2019 riddled with health issues.

She rolls through the desert on her daily ride and she has started to notice the color that pops out of the sandy landscape after a rain.

“Obviously there’s the desert that everyone thinks of, sand and pale greens, but right after the rain, these vibrant colors speckle the landscape–yellows, reds, pinks and oranges,” Ellen described. “I get to design my own kit for next cyclocross season, and being in the desert surrounded by so much beauty, it’s inspiring a lot of great ideas.”

It’s a perfect metaphor for the new things blossoming in Ellen’s career.