Bontrager Aeolus Road Saddle

The Aeolus Saddle is designed to support riders in an aero road riding position, so it’s a perfect fit for the Madone and other aero road bikes. Aeolus is more comfortable and supportive because it’s shorter and has a cutout all the way through the nose. This allows you to comfortably rotate forward (into a more powerful position) without adding pressure to sensitive areas.

"I'm not much of a salesman ... but this is good ... super good"

- Richie Porte

Available in Comp, Elite, and Pro levels




Aeolus is designed and tested to work well for a wide range of riders of any body type and gender, and is available in multiple sizes to provide the best individual fit.

The rails are housed at the very front of the saddle which allows the entire saddle shell to flex and conform to the rider for increased compliance and added comfort.

The split design of the full saddle cut-out extends from the nose through to the rear of the saddle to minimize soft tissue pressure and allow for a more powerful, rotated position.

Aeolus has a wider nose with a shorter overall length that ensures the whole saddle is usable and comfortable, whether you’re sitting up on the hoods or hammering in the drops.