Trek Checkpoint

Race, roam or commute — ride how you want

Kiel Reijnen, Trek-Segafredo’s resident gravel aficionado, described gravel racing thusly:

“One guy shows up to a gravel road on a 1970s steel frame with down tube shifters and just the biggest tires you can fit in it, and another guy has bar bags and all the accoutrements and tools, and it’s like there’s so many ways to do it.”

In summation: There’s no wrong way to ride gravel. If you want to set land speed records, you can do that! If you want to trek across Iceland like Payson McElveen, you can do that too! The new Trek Checkpoint was designed with every type of rider in mind, from commuters to hardcore racers.

Perfect for your group ride ...

... or something a little more extreme.

Ride your way

The new Checkpoint comes in three models: The race-minded SLR, the adventure-geared SL and the daily grinder ALR. The SLR frame is made out of Trek’s 700 Series OCLV Carbon, so it is lightweight and rigid for awesome speed on gnarly roads. The SL features rack mounts and 500 Series OCLV Carbon, so that it can handle almost any ride. And the ALR is the ultimate all-arounder, with a 300 Series Alpha Aluminum frame and all the mounts you could ever want.

Who likes loads of tire clearance? ✋

Look ma, no cables.

Smooth moves

The new Checkpoint was redesigned with a more progressive geometry that makes it even more stable over the rocks and roots you really want to ride. And to help make that ride even nicer, the SLR and SL models feature IsoSpeed technology for an even more forgiving ride that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

Pack it to the gills.

Yep, there are mounts there, too.

Swiss Army Bicycle

All three bikes have frame bag and fender mounts, and the SL and ALR models have rack mounts for maximum cargo capacity. The SLR and SL frames even feature a hidden storage compartment to stow your flat kit … or an extra bag of gummy bears.

All three bikes are spec’d for clearance with 45c tires. No matter how you want to ride, the Trek Checkpoint has your back.

Who knows where Checkpoint will take you?

Final word

We want you to love riding your bike, pure and simple. Whether you want the lightest, fastest gravel-capable ride possible, or you just want to be able to haul several picnics worth of food at a time, the Trek Checkpoint has you covered. (And also please invite us to your picnic.)