Giro Rosa – stage 10: Watch replay

The final countdown

Stage 10- the final show, and the last opportunity of this year’s Giro Rosa Iccrea. Starting in San Vita al Tagliamento and finishing in Udine, the 120 km stage was mostly flat with one category 3 GPM at 107.7 km. From the top of the climb, the peloton faced a challenging descent and fast run-in to a technical and cobbled finish. With many riders still hungry for a win, the scene was set for an exciting finale in Udine?

Length: 120 km / 74.6 miles

Start: San Vito al Tagliamento

Finish: Udine

Fact of the day: The Patriarchal Palace of Udine houses the Diocesan Museum and Tiepolo Galleries. There are around 700 works kept here, including frescoes painted by Giambattista Tiepolo.

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