Vincenzo Nibali cements 7th overall

The Trek-Segafredo leader tips his hat to his teammates and a younger generation who made the 103rd edition of the Giro d'Italia a thrilling spectacle.

Vincenzo Nibali crossed the final finish line of the 2020 Giro d’Italia, his last effort of the three-week Grand Tour, and sealed up seventh place overall.

But the day belonged to the younger generation in a fierce battle to see who would win the 103rd edition in a winner-takes-all 15.7-kilometer race against the clock.  In the end, 25-year-old Tao Geoghegan-Hart bettered 24-year-old Jai Hindley to claim the biggest victory of his career.

When looking at the goal for this year’s Giro, there is no doubt Trek-Segafredo fell short. The team was assembled to support leader Vincenzo Nibali in achieving a podium spot in Milan – and optimistically the top step.

Although there was no podium in this year’s race – no mountains jersey or stage win like 2019 – if determination and effort were the defining criteria of success, the team came through the three weeks, especially at three men down, with top marks.

“We close this Giro fully aware that we have left no stone unturned to achieve the best result. We cannot blame anything to Vincenzo and the rest of the guys; there is no doubt that everyone has given what they could,” agreed Trek-Segafredo General Manager Luca Guercilena.

“At the start, we had a very ambitious goal that, until the last day, we chased with the utmost effort. We must accept with serenity the verdict of the road, congratulating those who went stronger but not forgetting some factors that have conditioned our team performance, such as losing the essential contribution of three riders of [Giulio] Ciccone, [Gianluca] Brambilla and [Pieter] Weening.

“We will have time to analyze with objectivity the performance in this strange and unordinary season,” Guercilena continued. “One element, however, is clear: the confidence in our riders. The dedication that we have seen in this Giro must be the push to relaunch in the coming season. And Vincenzo Nibali, with his talent, determination, and professionalism, will undoubtedly be a fundamental element for our restart.”

For Trek-Segafredo leader Vincenzo Nibali there was nothing more to say than what was expressed out on the roads of this year’s Giro.  While the two-time Giro champion’s effort was equally commendable compared to previous years, the younger generation’s, simply put, was better.

“It was a difficult, complicated year, in which we had to reinvent everything from preparation in the reduced calendar, without forgetting the final approach to the Giro,” explained Nibali. “The result of this Giro must be accepted as it is. It was different from the expectations I had, and at the same time, I had to deal with a group of young climbers to whom I applaud the beautiful performance, first of all, to the winner Tao Geoghegan Hart.

“Now it is time to close this year, both from a sporting and human point of view. Then the time will come to take stock with coaches and team, to analyze what has been and, above all, to plan what will be.”