How Chloe Hosking’s discontent turned to joy

The Australian sprinter initially disappointed to finish 2nd in Stage 1 of the Women’s Tour

When it’s a race for sprinters, a sprinter wants to win. Period.

For Chloe Hosking, second place just didn’t cut it in the Women’s Tour’s opening stage. But her teammates were having none of it. They collected around her after the finish and forced Chloe’s initial disappointment into celebration.

“I crossed the line and I was a bit disappointed but then was rallied by my teammates,” explained Hosking. “It was nice to know that they were not disappointed in me for finishing second and made me feel more happy about my result.”

Chloe led out the sprint.

But disappointment as Marta Bastianelli got the last say.

As in previous years, Stage one of the six-day race went to the sprinters. Coming into the race, Chloe, despite not being at top form after missing much of the season to health reasons, was hungry for victory.

The bunch got a look at the slight uphill to the line with one local lap before they sprinted for the finish the second time. It may have been a slow start to the stage, but the attacks were nonstop in the final circuit with a leader’s jersey also up for grabs.

Trek-Segafredo neutralized all dangerous moves to set up a sprint finish for Hosking, who has not had many opportunities this year.

With her years of experience, Hosking managed to find a good position in the final kilometer and avoid a crash.

“I managed to dodge the crash with just under a k to go and was just sort of surfing wheels, and maybe opened my sprint a little bit early, but it’s really hard to know. Maybe If I hadn’t opened it when I did, I would have gotten totally swamped. But in the end, I just ran out of legs in the last five meters and had to settle for second,” explained Hosking.

Passed in the last meters.

Second. Often the worst position for a sprinter and Chloe’s initial disappointment to not deliver the win to her team was evident as the team gathered after the line.

But her teammates brought a smile back to her face. A second-place is not so bad after a season where Chloe spent much of it on the side-line watching as she recovered from health issues after catching Covid-19 early in the year.

Thanks, mates!

Lizzie shows how hard it was after coming off her stellar Paris-Roubaix win.

Trixi and Audrey also raced Paris-Roubaix. They gave everything again today.

“Today at least shows that even though I don’t feel fantastic on the bike, I can still put myself in the position and the team is still there to support me and we can get some good results, ” realized Hosking. “I felt really supported all day and as a sprinter that is really nice. With Trixi (Worrack), even Elisa (Longo Borghini) before she pulled out, Audrey (Cordon-Ragot) and Lizzie – I really felt they were always around me and backing me for the finish and that puts an element of pressure but also gives you confidence,” she continued.

Elisa Longo Borghini was an unfortunate abandonment during Stage 1 after she never fully recovered from a grueling Paris-Roubaix Femmes two days ago.

In Paris-Roubaix, she crashed numerous times and fought back to finish in third place but paid the price for that incredible effort. Rest up, Elisa!

Third for Elisa in Roubaix.

An effort that took a big toll on her. Photo: Jojo Harper