Van Dijk Victorious at Chrono de Nations

Ellen Van Dijk closed the 2022 season with a win in her rainbow stripes in France.

The world champion beat her competition by over one minute as she stopped the clock at 35″54′ after a 27.2 kilometer effort.

I am really happy I could end my season in this way: in the rainbow jersey with a win. What else could you wish for?

credit: Mathilde L'Azou

Ellen’s reaction

The race was difficult, constantly up and down but I was feeling good and was happy I could pull off the win here. I really liked being able to race at the Chrono des Nations and they really put a lot of effort into the women’s race, it’s at the same level as the mens and I really appreciate that. I also really like an event like this where you just have a time trial, of course that’s because I love TTs.

I have said it before but I am really rooting for more of these kinds of events and I am really happy I could be here, and win, even though it is so late in the season.

I feel very happy and lucky looking back at this year. It has been a super nice season. I always had the dream of doing the Hour Record and my biggest dream came true this year. Then to win at Worlds again is still something I never thought I could actually do because I knew firsthand how hard it was. It took me eight years to do it again after my first victory so I thought the chance to win this year wouldn’t be very big but to have defended my title still feels amazing.

For me, it’s crazy how good these past two years have been and that’s a testament to the team running so well and my relationships with my coach Josu [Larrazabel]. Everything has come together and I am grateful for that and really looking forward to next year too.