Buonanotte: How our riders are getting a good night’s sleep at the Giro d’Italia

We're into the third week of the Giro d'Italia and recovery has never been as important as it is now. Dorelan has been helping our riders get the best night's sleep possible after every stage with mattresses designed for maximum comfort.

Dorelan has been with Trek-Segafredo from the very start of this year’s Giro d’Italia and continues to provide vital support in the final week of the race, when sleep is more important than ever for the Team.

There’s not been an uncomfortable mattress or lumpy pillow in sight as each rider has their own Dorelan ReActive mattress and set of pillows which travel from hotel to hotel to ensure they can have the best possible night’s sleep… every night!

Why is Trek-Segafredo using the ReActive range?

It is Dorelan’s ultimate expression of excellence.

It’s an ideal tool for our riders to help maximise their recovery, thanks to the high-performing materials used to make it.

The dual technology ensures superior breathability, elasticity and resistance, ensuring correct muscular alignment and unparalleled comfort.