Giulio Ciccone is back in training

After the stop imposed by his surgery in early February, Cicco can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, however, a first decision on his racing schedule has been taken: no Giro d'Italia.

Giulio Ciccone has finally resumed training for his long-awaited season debut, more than one month after the surgery to remove a perineal cyst. The Italian rider of Lidl-Trek received the very good news that he has the green light from the doctors to resume riding after the unexpected stop that forced him to overturn his original plans for the year.

The resumption of training coincided with the first briefing between the rider and the Team to define the next steps. Although much will depend on the feedback that will come in the coming weeks, by mutual agreement and with great disappointment, it has been decided that Cicco will not race the Giro d’Italia.

Unfortunately, reaching the ideal form in the time required to pursue the goal of the GC or, at the very least, to race the Giro as a main protagonist, does not align with the delicacy of his recovery. Considering the long period of inactivity and the need for a gradual approach to training to avoid further problems, it was decided, by mutual agreement, to shift his focus to goals further ahead in the season.

For the moment, the decision to skip the Giro d’Italia is the only one that has been taken. If his preparation continues without problems, there is a good chance of seeing Cicco racing for the first time in May. The decision on his eventual 2024 season debut will be taken in April, together with the announcement of a new racing calendar.