Michael Schär set to become Sports Director with Lidl-Trek

Veteran rider ‘Michi’ Schär swaps the peloton for the team car after 18-year racing career

Lidl-Trek is pleased to announce that Michi Schär will join its ranks of Sports Directors, taking his 18-year of professional racing experience to the team car. 37-year-old Schär will work primarily with the Lidl-Trek men’s team and is keen to learn from the wealth of experience amongst Lidl-Trek’s team of sports directors, whilst contributing his own tactical nous as he learns the craft.

“I have a good feeling to make the transition to life as a Sports Director at this moment,” said Schär. “I had 18 years as a pro in the WorldTour and now I think stepping over to the other side is the right time. I’m looking forward to make the change from rider to director and start a new chapter.

“I’m super happy to join Lidl-Trek! In particular, I was thrilled when Luca Guercilena [Lidl-Trek General Manager] gave me the call. I have a nice history with Luca from when he was the Swiss federation coach a long time ago. We did the Olympics and many World Championships together. The 2012 Olympics made a great impression on me due to the way Luca treated us and motivated us. For me, it was the best race I’ve ever done. To get this call was a big honor for me and to join Lidl-Trek is something special.”

“I was attracted to Lidl-Trek thanks to the fantastic team philosophy and culture. I already know some people from the staff group, and of course some riders. When we were at the races I’d always stop by the bus and have a little chat with some people from Lidl-Trek. I had a very good impression from my first experience with the team during the camp in America. I really liked the philosophy of the team and the team building that was done was fantastic. I’m happy to move back into an American-style organization. It was cool to see that the riders and staff have such a strong bond together; as an external person being introduced to the group it felt good.

“What I’m most excited for is to see how the other side of the sport looks, in the car and getting into tactics. It’s a completely different facet of the sport and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this new challenge. I’m also really looking forward to learning from the existing DS group because it’s a very experienced group of great people, I can learn so much from them.”