Our exclusive collection for the Giro d’Italia

Visit the Trek-Segafredo museum hall and discover our eight characters for the 2022 Corsa Rosa

In this painting by Rubens – (bike) oil on canvas – with a proud and sly smile, Emperor Giulio Cesare prepares for his seventh campaign in Italy

Bauke Volta, pioneer of electricity and power, inventor of the electric battery and precursor of the e-bike, allowing people to climb mountains as nimbly as he does

The Supreme Poet of the sprint Dante Theuns, captured by Botticelli "halfway through the journey of his life, where he found himself within a pink forest”

Enthusiastic patron of the Renaissance culture in Denmark, Mattias il Magnifico marked the Golden Age of Copenhagen. Magnate, diplomat, politician but, above all, a die-hard bike rider

Italian composer Jacopo Verdi, known throughout the world for his operas such as Nabucco, L'Aida, La Traviata and, for the cycling lovers, Il Gregario

Raffaello Lopez, member of the Spanish bike Renaissance. Famous for the lightness of his lines, his paintings often dedicated to high and steep mountains

General, patriot and revolutionary, Dario Garibaldi shall be the road captain of the “Expedition of the Eight” across Italy in May, 2022

Otto Leopardi is considered the greatest poet on a bike and one of the principals of literary cycling romanticism. He wrote "L'Infinito" - The Infinity - after seeing the number of climbs present in the third week of the Giro