QUIZ: Which new Project One ICON colorway are you?

Each one of Trek's new Project One ICON range is unique, just like you

If you haven’t seen Trek’s latest Project One ICON paint schemes, then what are you waiting for. The new schemes are on proud display at this year’s men’s and women’s editions of the Tour de France, where each squad member is riding a bespoke paint job. Getting the bikes to the riders was a massive undertaking, but we did it for good reason: These bikes look beautiful, and they deserve to shine on cycling’s biggest stage.

Trek added five new colorways: Chroma Ultra-Iridescent, Chroma Diamond Flake, Crystalline, Real Smoke and Tie Dye. They are all gorgeous, but which one is right for you? You could spend hours agonizing over the stunning detail shots, or you could take the quiz below and let science sort out the decision for you. 

On the left of each response is a point value. Add up the total of your five selections, then consult our legend at the bottom to find out what you got. Then be sure to let us know!

The star-studded Tour bikes of Lidl-Trek.

Q1: What one word best describes you?

  1. Adventurous
  2. Vivacious
  3. Hip
  4. Fun
  5. Sophisticated

Q2. What is your ideal night out?

  1. A bonfire cookout and jam sesh with friends
  2. Dinner party with good wine, good music and better conversation
  3. Dive bar with the best jukebox in town
  4. Dancing. All. Night. Long. 
  5. A tucked away cocktail bar, then an incredible small plates dinner

Q3. What luminary Trek athlete would you most like to ride with?

  1. Kiel Reijnen – Former roadie turned gravel adventure extraordinaire
  2. Evie Richards – XC MTB World Champion and absolute dynamo
  3. Reece Wilson – DH MTB World Champion and real charmer
  4. Mads Pedersen – Road World Champion and certified goofball
  5. Elisa Longo Borghini – Two-time Olympic bronze medalist, Paris-Roubaix Femmes winner, and unbelievably cool

They look good AND ride fast.

Q4. What is your ideal vacation?

  1. Camping in the woods, no one around for miles. Just you and the stars.
  2. Soaking up the culture in a big city — the lights, the museums, the shows, the works.
  3. Road trip with no itinerary. Just seeing where the road takes you and discovering new places.
  4. Mediterranean resort stay — sunshine, loungers and mimosas for days.
  5. A tour through wine country, eating and drinking only the absolute finest things.

Q5. If you could be any of these animals, which would you choose?

  1. River otter
  2. Elephant
  3. Wolf
  4. Panther
  5. Swan

All done? Time to find out which Project One ICON colorway you are!

5-8 points - Tie Dye, for those who love to have fun, find adventure, and occasionally just chill.

9-12 points - Chroma Ultra-Iridescent, for those who love nature, and have a bit of an artistic streak.

Made using a process we can't even tell you about. Seriously.

It's also already a winner. Mads Pedersen won Stage 8 of the Tour de France on this ride.

13-16 points - Real Smoke, for the ultra cool. We've probably never heard of your favorite band.

The smoke pattern is made using real flames. We're not kidding.

Literally no two Real Smoke paint jobs are the same.

17-20 - Chroma Diamond Flake, for those who LOVE to stand out in the crowd.

Millions of microscopic chrome flakes make this bike shine from every angle.

It's also limited edition, so better act if you want to get your hands on it.

21-25 - Crystalline, for those who really enjoy the finer things in life.

One of our most intricate paint schemes ever, incorporating millions of crystals for a pattern unlike any other.

You've never seen anything like it.