Statement regarding Antonio Tiberi case

Regarding Antonio Tiberi’s recent sentencing in San Marino, Trek-Segafredo fully agrees with the fine and strongly condemns the reprehensible act, which is a clear violation of the team’s code of conduct. The team was previously unaware of the transgression and has immediately suspended Antonio for a minimum of 20 days without pay. He will not race at Trofeo Laigueglia, Tirreno-Adriatico and Milano-Torino. If necessary, the team will take further action in the future.

In addition to the fine already issued by the courts, the Team will donate Antonio’s suspended pay to an appropriate animal care, protection and rescue organization.

Trek-Segafredo would like to reiterate its great disappointment in Antonio’s conduct. The team strives to help riders improve not just as athletes, but as men and women. The team will work closely with Antonio to ensure he educates himself and expects him to take necessary steps to express his remorse and become a better person.