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Gateway Devo lights up the North American circuit

If you’ve watched a big time US crit or road race in the past four to five years, then you have seen the Gateway Devo cycling team. Always at the front, always racing for the win, this team is home to people who love hitting about their weight class. An amateur team of young riders, the program looks to develop great riders, and even more importantly, develop great people.

Based in St. Louis (endearingly known as the Gateway City), Gateway Devo is known as an effective gateway to the pros (get it?), but also a solid platform to develop young riders into great people. The fact is not everyone makes it to the top level, so whether you’re going to the big leagues, or a big time day job, Gateway Devo is an organization that seeks to mature people for that goal.

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Crits in the US means time in the van. Like a lot.

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Ten riders will comprise the program in 2019, representing mostly North America, with some Kiwi and Aussie flavor added in. Joel Yates is the New Zealander, joining for his second full season with the team after a guest ride spot in 2017. Representing Texas is Evan Bausbacher, who found cycling after losing baseball. Austin Gomes joins the team, representing Eagle Scouts around the nation in the US Crit scene. Conor Schunk joins the program on the heels of five racing blocks with the US National team. The Canadian representative is Trevor O’Donnell, who is working to support the team and advocate for Tim Horton’s coffee. Australian Reece Robinson is a former rugby player who is focusing his talent into cycling. Issac Bryant is from Minnesota and not surprisingly used to play hockey. Now he plays cycling and he’s really good at it. Sean Gardner is the adult on the team at a ripe 24 years old. Scott Mcgill is from Maryland, a and likes racing bikes as well as crab cakes (that’s what Maryland does!). Born in Monterey Mexico but calling Dallas home is Hugo Scala Jr., who proudly overcame life as a triathlete to find road cycling.

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This year the team rides on Emonda ALR frame sets, equipped with the full compliment of Bontrager small parts. Wheels will be the Bontrager XXX in the ‘two’ depth. SRAM will continue to the help the team with disc brake equipped group sets. For soft goods, XXX shoes and helmets will be on the riders. The clothing is designed by Trek and produced by Verge. 100% comes on board to provide eye-wear.

Riders cruising on Emonda ALR with XXX Bontrager hoops, and full SRAM builds. Training wheels are the Pro 3s, seen here.

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Bike racing is a sport that pushes people physically. As much as it pushes the body, it pushes the mind to become extremely disciplined and focused. Finding that mindset is certainly helpful for racing, but it’s applicability to all facets of life is well known. Building good people, whether they go to full time racing or not, is the goal of this team.

But while they are here, always good to enjoy the ride.


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