Peter Kaiser’s ‘Illumino’ is a celebration of subconscious joy

Peter Kaiser's new bike film is about much more than riding

Peter Kaiser is a brilliant visual artist as well as an extremely rad mountain biker. His new film “Illumino” mines the depths of his twin passions, and explores how both biking and photography stoke joy at a subconscious level.

Watch how Kaiser showcases the Trek Slash in “Illumino”:

Kaiser explained how bikes and cameras intersect in a blog about the video:

As long as a film cartridge is loaded inside a camera and the light shining onto its surface can be controlled it doesn’t really matter where we point it at. At the end of the day it shows a visual image which we associate a certain memory with. I felt it was similar with this bike. No matter what terrain I put its tires in, it always leaves me with an awesome time and a big grin on my face.

There may be no one better at making mountain biking look as good as it feels than Kaiser. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for even more visual stoke.