Trek-Fasthouse prepares for good times

This three-member North American enduro team loves to ride and does is it really well

On the North American enduro circuit, when you see Trek-Fasthouse roll by, you know something good is going on. Whether it is Travis Claypool, Shane Lesley, or Aiden Chapin, the people wearing the Trek-Fasthouse jersey are definitely having the best time.

Sunset rides for the win!

As much as it is about going out and competing, at its core Trek-Fasthouse is about loving the ride.

“Trek-Fasthouse program is a race team with a twist,” explained Travis. “Trek has opened up their doors to me allowing me to really tune in on my racing and amazing equipment. While thanks to the Fasthouse family, they keep us looking the best, but also providing a really down-to-earth carefree vibe which helps ease the stress that comes with racing on a competitive level.”

Travis Claypool is ready to ride.

In light of the altered 2020 schedule, Travis says his goals for the year center on the Big Mountain enduro races. In a normal year, his favorite event is the Whistler Enduro World Series (EWS) which is cancelled this year due to global health concerns related to the coronavirus.

Hang on tight, Travis.

Always time for a pit stop sponsored by special guest star Ryan Howard,

In his first year with the team, Aiden Chapin is very excited to throw on the Trek-Fasthouse kit.

“This program means the world to me. I’m humbled to say the least that I was given the opportunity to be apart of the team this year and thankful I’m surrounded by a cool bunch of people,” Aiden said.

Aiden Chapen behind the wheel. Still not old enough to drive this car.

And behind the handlebars.

All in all, just having a good time.

Which racing event is Aiden’s favorite? All of them.

“I haven’t disliked any bike event I’ve been to so far,” Aiden said. “If I had to pick one it would have to be the NorthStar EWS in 2019. I loved the rowdiness and just the all out type of racing that venue offered.”

Summarizing the team vibe, Travis described the perfect day out.

“The perfect day requires endless laughter, heckling, snacks, spills, and the occasional flat tire. Being in the mountains with your best mates puts the world on pause and makes you all feel untouchable,” Travis said.

Nailed it.

Never a 'rough' day with this squad.