Watch Casey Brown and Payson McElveen star in ‘A Biker’s Ballad’

'A Biker's Ballad' celebrates the full spectrum of mountain biking

“Mountain biking” is one of the most diverse sports in the world, with disciplines embodying creativity, speed, endurance and exploration. There’s a niche in mountain biking for everyone, but also love and respect among riders of all types that makes the sport feel like a world of its own.

In their new film “A Biker’s Ballad,” Matchstick Productions has created a stunning ode to mountain biking, and everything it encompasses. The film features 14 riders specializing in disciplines such as enduro, cross country, freeride and more, including Trek’s own Casey Brown and Payson McElveen.

“A Biker’s Ballad” is available now for download and streaming. The film is also doing a screening tour through November.

If you love mountain biking (and if you’re reading this, safe bet that’s you), you don’t want to miss this.

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