Double Rainbow for Shriver

Trek CXC rider takes consecutive masters cross World Championship

Matt Shriver took to the sand of Mol this weekend, and defended his title as the Masters Cyclocross World Championship. Cool conditions and fog greeted the competitors in the classic Belgian cyclocross destination. Although the field contained the World’s best and most experienced cyclocross racers, dethroning Shriver was not to be. Out of the mist like a ghostly apparition in the nightmares of his competitors, Matt Shriver’s demonic pace proved too fast to follow.

Matt himself was not expecting such a glorious victory. In his own words,

"This year's start was better than last year, but my fitness wasn't as good. I was not as confident as last year. However, I had a great start and that set the tone. On lap two I was worried because I was joined by the strong French riders. Luckily I got a nice gap, and was able to hold it. Huge thanks to the Trek CXC group for always making it happen, and my Trek-Segafredo family."

As the fog lifted and the competitors went home, so did the specter of Matt Shriver depart with his double rainbow jerseys.