BIKE CHECK: Up close with Reece Wilson’s gold World Championship Session

Reece's bike looked dazzling as it went flying through the rain and mud in Les Gets

Reece Wilson stood out in Les Gets two weekends ago for a few reasons:

  1. His ripping fast run even after torrential rain made a mess of the course.
  2. His *slight* hiccup when he took a jump too fast and briefly looked like Superman as he lost control of his bike. (He was OK afterwards.)
  3. Through it all, looking spectacular on a custom gold Session frame commemorating his 2020 World Championship, courtesy of the Trek Race Shop.

You can read more about those first two bullets right here. As for the last one, just look below for an entirely gratuitous set of photos.

Of course we didn't forget about the rainbows.

A nod to Reece's historic day.

High pivot, naturally.

RockShox helps maintain control on the ground. (Still working on in-air controls.)

Catching the light just right.

Yep, still looks good covered in mud.

One more dirt shot before we get cleaned up again.

The complete rig in all its glory.

Be sure to follow Reece Wilson and Trek Factory Racing DH on Instagram for more bike checks, photos, results and stories. Reece and his new Session will be in action again soon.