Dyfi, Wales: Better With Bikes

A community comes together around the bike

The Dyfi Valley betrays even the most creative of imaginations. A lush and mountainous region hidden in the North of Wales, the potential for outside fun is immense. Historically known for its industries in sheep and lumber, the region is witnessing a dramatic cultural shift with the arrival of mountain biking.

While mountain biking has been been a part of Dyfi for a long time, the people there ride for the same reason everyone rides. Freedom. When you take a region defined by huge expanses of forest and mountains, combined with a community willing to enjoy it, the result is impressive. The addition of the first family of downhill to the region only increases the area’s upward mobility.

Now, the Dyfi boasts one of the strongest trail building and riding communities in all of Great Britain. The bike is a vehicle for change in many ways, and the Dyfi is better with bikes.

The Dyfi Valley in all its glory

Town meeting in action

The family that rides together, stays together

Rachel on her home trails

Rachel gives much of her success to her new community in the Dyfi

Dan Atherton can fly!

Dan to many, 'Athy' to his friends

Gee revels in the Welsh region, the ultimate playground

Local businesses are a vital part of this region's riding scene