How Charlie Harrison rides his Session

Chuck is 2-for-2 on the season. Here's his bike setup

Hey, did you hear we have a new Session

You may have noticed that the bike doesn’t quite look like what you’re used to (despite what internet commenters might lead you to believe). The new high pivot suspension helps create a smoother ride when trails get really gnarly, and has already proven to be plenty fast. Trek Factory Racing’s Charlie Harrison has raced on the new Session twice and come away with gold medals — first in Windrock, Tennessee, then in Finca La Lucha, Costa Rica.

Go ahead say it.

Race prep.

The Session in session.

You’ll be able to get an even better look at the Session once downhill World Cup racing finally commences in June. In the meantime, take another gander at the bike in photos from Windrock below, as well as specs off Chuck’s setup.

The idler pulley.

The shock (and its secret formula).

The full works.

Handlebars: 780mm

Tire pressure: 23-28 psi, depending on track and tire

Suspension: STIFF [exact details highly classified]

Progression: 25 percent

Headset: Standard cups, 10mm of spacers under the top crown

In case you forget.