Andes-Pacifico: An Adventure

Casey Brown and Tracy Moseley head to Chile for the Andes-Pacifico

It’s been said the difference between an adventure and exploring is that when you explore, you don’t know where you’re going. On an adventure, you don’t know if you’ll get there. Andes-Pacifico is probably an adventure, but it’s hard to say what it truly is.

Trek Factory Racing’s Casey Brown and Trek Ambassador Tracy Moseley traveled to Chile for the Andes-Pacifico Enduro with the intent of testing new product, and expressing their passion for racing. What they received was an experience that many are discovering at events like the Andes-Pacifico. Part cultural experience, part adventure, part race, the modern Enduro is more than a weekend race.

The Chilean landscape and culture paint a rich backdrop for any activity, and truly emphasize the challenge of the burgeoning Enduro category. Welcoming Chilean communities juxtaposed with brutal mountains define the realities of the sport.

Everyone at the Andes-Pacifico was there to compete. However everyone at the Andes-Pacifico was also there to celebrate a community that embraces its members. They love to ride, and they love to race with their friends.

A win was earned by Tracy Moseley, and a podium by Casey Brown. What was gained, was an experience in a beautiful part of the world. What was seen, was a sport on the move that is gaining traction. What was had, was an adventure.