Enduro World Series travels to France

Trek Factory Racing heads to EWS Millau

The team of Katy Winton and Lewis Buchanan traveled to beautiful Millau, France for the fifth round of the Enduro World Series. Katy Winton scored a sixth place finish, and maintained her third place overall standing in series standings. Lewis Buchanan notched a solid ride to finish in 15th place.

Lewis came into the weekend looking to crack the top-10. With the troubles experienced just getting to the race, a top-15 was a welcome compromise.

"To get 15th overall is a huge accomplishment. From my bike not showing up due to the airline losing track of it, and having to miss the first day of practice and racing the first day blind, I feel like I salvaged an amazing result. I remained mentally strong and did what I could. To be able to show that I can focus and still put together a result like that with the adversity I faced, shows something special I think. I'm excited for Colorado and to keep the momentum going. Thanks to the team for all they do!"

Katy Winton put together another strong ride, coming in at sixth. Although the podium was certainly her goal, the result maintains her overall standing of third, and continues her positive momentum.

From here, the team heads to Colorado in the United States for the Aspen round on 29-30 of July. Stay in touch with the team on Instagram.