Solo in Madeira

With his teammates battling injuries, Pedro Burns goes it alone in EWS Madeira and nets a respectable 20th place.

With Katy Winton and Ruaridh Cunningham on the sidelines recovering from injuries, Pedro Burns had to go it alone in EWS round 3 in Madeira, Portugal. Burns, in his second year racing in the elite ranks, has been steadily making progressions as he gains experience, strength, and more speed. Cracking the top 20 in Madeira shows he has a big and exciting future ahead of him.


All images by Mathew Delorme.

It was a lonely track walk for Pedro.

Great weekend in Madeira for me! Without my teammates, this time it was just me and the awesome staff, which was a great challenge for me during walk stages and practice. During the two days of the racing, the bike worked perfectly and I could feel comfortable in the great variety of terrains of Madeira. I pushed hard and despite small mistakes, I managed to finish 20th in the Elite category!

I am really happy about the start of the season. I know I have the speed, but there's a lot to learn and improve on. Good motivation and looking forward to the next round. Thanks a lot to the team staff for the help and support during the week. As always everything worked perfectly. I hope my teammates will be back on the bike soon.

Two empty chairs beside Pedro. He'll be happy when Katy and Ruaridh return.

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