Corbin third in Chattanooga

Linsey Corbin takes a third place finish at IM 70.3 Chattanooga

With eyes on getting racing in the legs and increasing her effort level, Linsey Corbin took to the line of IM 70.3 Chattanooga with modest goals.

"I was only 1:30 down out of the swim - so the swim gap keeps coming down," said Linsey. "This is huge for me, especially with Kona in mind. I thought I had a solid bike performance - it wasn't lights out by any means but I also wasn't stuck in Ironman gear either, so that's encouraging. It definitely could be equated to ripping off the bandaid after a few down weeks without any specific work. My bike performed wonderfully on the rolling terrain, so thank you Mark & the race shop for having me dialed. I gave my best effort on the run. I would have loved to close the gap to the front, but I got all I could out of myself on the day."

"This served as great launch pad as I have now officially kicked off my summer racing and training campaign. I expect some good things to come as I now apply a proper race-specific work load in the coming weeks. I am headed home, excited to get back to work and motivated to move up on the podium."