IM Kona report

Trek Factory Racing heads to big island

The IM World Championships is one of the most difficult races in the world, and this weekend’s edition proved it. The Trek Factory Racing team of Linsey Corbin, Tim O’Donnell and Tim Reed represented well, but struggled to find the top step.

For Linsey Corbin, it was a day of continued learning. In her words,

"I finished my 11th World Championship on Saturday. I started the race with more experience than anyone else in the field. I am proud to have crossed the line in 13th place, but I realize there is still so much to learn about this grueling endurance event. After an average swim and decently executed bike, I came off the bike in 20th place. The bike course delivered its classic challenging conditions: hot, humid and pretty hefty head, wind and cross winds. My Trek Speed Concept handled these conditions so smoothly and I was able to execute according to plan with confidence in my bike and wheel selection."

"Thanks to proper pacing and fueling on the bike, I was able to pass 7 women on the run. I pride myself on being a "tough as nails" competitor and Ironman Hawaii played into my strength of never giving up. I am leaving happy with another top-15 world's finish, but already motivated for what 2018 has in store."

Tim O’Donnell came into the race as a top favorite, having stood on the podium in the past two editions. In his words,

"I came into the race at peak fitness and was strong and well-positioned in the swim, bike, and first part of the marathon. The tough conditions of Kona caught up with me, as they did for many of my competitors, and with the decline on the back half of the marathon I was not able to produce a performance reflective of my fitness. This race has the ability to humble you... all the more reason to stay hungry!"

Tim Reed was out in front of field during the bike, and having a solid race. Tragically Tim would suffer a flat tire, and finish outside of the race favorites.

"A puncture and long wait for neutral support took me out of the pointy end of the race quite early in the ride. Like everyone on the start line, we all put so much work into this race and it was a massive mental battle from that point on just to get across the finish line but I made it and am proud of that."

Photos courtesy of Chris Corbin and Talbot Cox.