Jens Voigt says shut up to retirement

Famed German cyclist making a return to form

It’s certainly been a wild year for professional cycling, but few saw this one coming. Reports have come in that legendary professional cyclist Jens Voigt is looking to make his comeback to the highest level of the sport.

Responses from his former team have been mixed.

Bauke Mollema and Edward Theuns were some of the first to hear about his rumored return

I was just riding along, and then Bauke told me the news on the ride," said Edward Theuns. "I was like, that's kind of a bad idea, but I don't know anymore, who knows anything anymore."

The Italian contingent was met with more confusion

"Who is Jens Voigt," said Giulio Ciccone.

"If the numbers are good, I don't care how old or funny looking they are, they will simply be hired," said team performance manager Josu Larrazabal.

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