Presenting: Chroma Collection Bikes

We race the Tour de France aboard the brand-new Project ONE Chroma Collection

If you thought racing the Tour de France couldn’t get any more exciting, think again. The master craftspeople at Trek have been tirelessly working to bring the show-stopping Chroma colorways to life, and we think they’ve nailed it! They feature a breath-taking metallic colorway with a reflective, mirror-like finish that is the result of intensive research and development.  Each custom Chroma bike is handcrafted using a unique, proprietary method that showcases the master craft of the artists in Trek’s Project One paint booth. These bikes are so shiny you’ll be able to see your own face light up with childlike wonder when gazing upon it. Just ask our lucky eight Tour de France riders who will be the first to ever ride them!

Reasons to love Chroma:

  1. They look badass. But, we probably didn’t need to tell you that
  2. The Chroma application process is much more eco-friendly compared to traditional chrome plating that uses heavy metals.
  3. It’s super light too, currently the lightest paint scheme Trek offer, adding a whole new meaning to ‘Look fast, ride fast’

Look out for these bikes over the next three weeks as we take on the Tour and La Course.

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