Ryan "R-Dog" Howard is by far and away the chilliest man in mountain biking. We dare you, nay, we challenge you, to find someone who has more fun riding their bike every day than Mr. Dog. You will not succeed. Style? Check. Good vibes? Check. Living in a van down by the river? Oh for sure. Ryan "R-Dog" Howard is what we all aspire to become. Ryan is at the competitions giving it a go, and will frequently take top honors for any event involving style, with whip-offs at the top of the list. His earth shattering good vibes can be seen in videos throughout the year, and frequently make the cut for top videos of the year. Listen, this R-Dog guy is the real deal. Trust us.

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United States
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Name three words that describe you.

Ride. Or. Die.

What is your favorite event?

Any Crankworx event.

Do you have a nickname?


If you were an animal, you would be…

A dog...obviously.