Reece followed up his incredible 2020 World Championship in Leogang with perhaps his best overall season in 2021, taking his first ever elite World Cup win in Snowshoe while finishing No. 5 in the World Cup standings. Injuries dogged the Flying Scotsman in 2022 and 2023, but one of downhill racing's wiliest riders has big things in store for the coming season. No one is more excited for what's to come than Reece himself.

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What annoys you?

Dropping eggs - a nightmare to clean up.

Do you have a favorite song to warm up to?

I have a playlist called "melted atoms". It's suuuper chill. I like to be relaxed.

Who is your favorite training buddy?

Unfortunately, I don't really have one. I get out with Ruaridh Cunningham and Mark Scott sometimes but these boys are enduro - hard work!

All-time cycling hero?

Sam Hill. The guy's a robot designed by the lords on a bike.