Session is the pinnacle of downhill mountain bike performance. It’s built for one reason: going as fast as freakin’ possible down hills. It pairs proven SRAM parts with a premium frame and RockShox suspension with super-fast 29″ wheels. This is the same DH bike the pros ride, and the next evolution in racing for both Trek Factory Racing and RockShox-Trek.

It's right for you if...

You want the fastest downhill bike we offer. You want the speed of 29˝ wheels and the stability of a full-on DH frame. You seek out the fastest lines, and the biggest jumps. You like to dial in your ride, and want the ability to fine-tune your suspension, fit, and handling on a bike that makes no compromises.

The final word

Best frame, best suspension, best parts, and fast-rolling 29˝ wheels. This is the only choice if you’re a true DH devotee. Session  is simply the fastest bike on the mountain, even when that mountain is a stop on the World Cup circuit.