Compton wins World Cup Nommay

Katie Compton takes the win while Telenet-Fidea impresses

It was a weekend to remember for Katie Compton, who took a dominant victory at World Cup Nommay. Adding the tally was a win by Thijs Aerts in the mens-U23, and a podium for Toon Aerts in the mens elite race. U-23 riders Tom Pidcock and Fleur Nagengast continue to hold their overall World Cup standings, with signs looking positive for them to win.

It was an American 1-2 in the ladies race, with Katie Compton topping her compatriot by nearly a minute. Compton opened into the race with a dramatic pace, making it all but impossible for anyone to follow. For Katie, the race win was welcomed, but a bit of a surprise.

"Yesterday went surprisingly well, especially with all the travel and unpacking and packing from last week post nationals. I had good legs from start to finish which was the surprise after all the travel and the drive down to Nommay. The race was clean and uneventful. I had a decent start then moved to the front through the first muddy bog and managed a gap straight away."

"After that, I just focused on the lines and pedaled hard through the heavy sections. I was saving a little during the race just in case I got caught, but in the end, I realized I would be ok and just kept it smooth to the finish. I’m really happy to win my first World Cup of the season and to feel strong after nationals and the travel back to Belgium. I’m hoping I can carry this through to worlds. I’ve been loving the racing and kinda sad it’s almost over in a few weeks."

In the mens U-23 race, it was Thijs Aerts who came away with the win. The recent winner of the Belgian national championships for his age group, he followed up with a lovely victory in Nommay.

"I had a really bad start, but was able to come back quickly. I didn't stay with the leading group, deciding on an attack, and quickly got a 10 second gap. I had to really work to keep those seconds, and was able to hold it till the end of the race for a solo finish. The last time there was a World Cup in Nommay I won, and became the World Champion two weeks after. So I am leaving France with a great feeling!"

U-23 rider Fleur Nagengast had a strong race, being the first racer to finish in her age group, and maintaining her lead in the U-23 competition. Tom Pidcock also maintains his lead in the U-23 category.

Toon Aerts made his mark on the race, scoring his familiar place on the podium.

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