Brandon Semenuk is vying for Red Bull Rampage history on a single-crown fork

How to watch the slopestyle legend try to win his fourth Rampage title

Brandon Semenuk will attempt to make history at Red Bull Rampage this Friday, and he’ll do it in a way no one has done before.

Only he and Kurt Sorge have ever won Rampage three times, and with a win, Semenuk will stand alone with four in the 20-year history of the event. To do it, he’s riding a Trek Session with a single-crown RockShox Zeb 38mm fork. If you know Rampage, you know that’s wild.

(Wanna watch his bike get built? Click here.)

Single crown for a singular rider.

To date, riding a single-crown at Rampage has been nigh unthinkable because of the tremendous abuse the bikes take getting to the bottom of the gnarliest mountain bike event in the world. But the Zeb has been engineered to be robust enough to handle the event’s extreme impacts. And without a dual-crown downhill fork in the way, Semenuk will be free to bring bar spins and tail whips to Rampage.

For a rider as creative and bold as Semenuk, the possibilities at an event like Rampage are endless.

The event will once again take place near Virgin, Utah, just outside Zion National Park. Rampage is all about using the topography — with boulders and sheer cliffs, and lined with sandstone dirt — to its full potential. The riders devise their own lines and uses for the rock features.

Semenuk being Semenuk.

The fearsome mountains.

Riders are judged by the technicality and flair they display while trying to get down a treacherous mountain in one piece. Each rider gets two runs. The highest scored run wins, and in case of a tie, the rider with the highest combined score across both runs takes the crown. 

Rampage is the ultimate mountain biking gauntlet, a test of grit, skill, bravery and creativity unlike anything. Semenuk is out to prove that he is the king of freeride’s most jaw-dropping competition. Be sure to have your popcorn fully popped and within arm’s reach.

Preparing the course.

You know who it is.

How to watch

Live coverage of Red Bull Rampage will begin at 12 p.m. CT on Friday, Oct. 15. Watching it is easy: Just click this link to head to Red Bull TV. There’s no paid subscription required. As long as you have an internet capable device, the event is entirely free to stream.

Also make sure you follow Semenuk on Instagram, as well as the C3 Project. And while you’re at it, check out the Trek Race Shop on Instagram, too.