Celebrate 20 years of Cam McCaul by staring at his stunning anniversary bike

Check out Cam's emerald 20th anniversary Ticket, and help us celebrate a legend

For 20 years, Cam McCaul has been one of the most jaw-dropping, fun-loving, stoke-raising, and all-around great human beings to ever sit on a Trek bike. He was the first slopestyle athlete The Bicycle Company ever signed, and the godfather to a veritable slopestyle dynasty through the C3 Project

The history of Cam’s tenure at Trek is the history of mountain bike development itself. The early prototype frames he rode were precursors to the Trek Ticket, and his feedback and influence can be felt throughout Trek’s entire full suspension fleet. 

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Cam is still one of the silkiest riders ever, but he is also one of the sport’s best ambassadors, too. Whether he’s showing off bike builds, having fun with friends, or producing how-tos on his YouTube channel, or acting as the voice of slopestyle and freeride as a Red Bull announcer, there’s maybe no one better at highlighting the joy of riding a bike.

To celebrate Cam’s 20 years at Trek, the company gave him his very own anniversary-edition emerald “slope-duel” Fuel EX at Sea Otter Classic last weekend. Take a look at the bike below, and be sure to congratulate Cam on 20 years (and counting) as one of the most influential people ever to ride on two wheels.

20 years is the Emerald Anniversary, so this paint needed to SHINE.

Cam meeting his ride for the first time.

The top tube celebrates Cam's long, decorated career with Trek.

An object of beauty.

Cam's complete build.

We're stoked too, Cam!