Find the flow with Brett Rheeder in ‘Continuum’

Brett Rheeder's latest video with Shimano is a soothing visual treat

Brett Rheeder’s new video “Continuum” may be the best illustration of mountain biking’s flow state. Rheeder glides through ethereal landscapes that have been seamlessly stitched together to simulate that unthinking, almost dream-like experience of riding in one place then suddenly realizing you’re in another.

We strongly encourage you to watch the video, embedded below:

Rheeder worked with filmmaker Harrison Mendel to pull off the ambitious cinematography. It wasn’t easy.

“There were so many times where our brains were about to explode trying to think about what the next location would be and how the angle of the previous trail would line up with the next one,” Rheeder said. “A very complex operation, but I’m happy we got it done and that it turned out the way it did. Thank you to Shimano for believing in my creativity and everyone else who was involved in making this come full circle — you know who you are!”

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