WATCH: Dark Horse returns with more stoke than ever!

Four days of camaraderie, progression and stoke at Casey Brown's women's freeride event

Casey Brown had always dreamed of starting her own freeride event in her hometown of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Last year, the Dark Horse Invitational was born: Four days of camaraderie and progression on a brand new jump line, all geared towards pushing the limits of women’s freeride and giving the next generation a chance to shine.

Dark Horse returned last September and went bigger than ever. The women took new tricks to the airbag and mulch jumps, and eventually threw them down on dirt with fans and peers watching and shouting encouragement. 

Want to relive the immaculate vibes yourself? Just check out the video below:

“Dark Horse is kind of the reason I’m on the path I am right now,” Lucy Van Eesteren, one of the youngest riders at Dark Horse, said. “I think for a while I thought racing was the only path you could really take if you wanted to be a pro mountain biker. But coming to Dark Horse and talking to Casey and everyone else who is doing freeride as a career, it’s super inspiring and honestly life changing.”

Dark Horse will only continue to grow as more young women are inspired to pick up mountain bikes. For more from Dark Horse, be sure to check out highlights from Pinkbike and Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Also be sure to follow Casey Brown on Instagram to see what she’s up to next. 

Photos by Robin O’Neill:

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