BIKE CHECK: TFR DH’s custom Chroma/tie-dye World Championship bikes

The new designs are patriotic and really fun

Being a Trek Factory Racing downhill racer is a pretty sweet gig.

A week after turning heads in Maribor on slick new Chroma Sessions (not to mention a World Cup win), Reece Wilson, Loris Vergier and Charlie Harrison will be at World Championships in Val di Sole on yet another custom paint job, this time highlighting their homelands of Scotland, France and the United States, respectively.

The bikes feature Chroma paint and a tie-dye pattern. The Trek logos on Harrison’s and Vergier’s bikes are red on the drive side and blue on the opposite, reflecting their nations’ red, white and blue (or bleu, blanc et rouge) flags. Wilson’s bike features blue on both sides to echo the Scottish flag.

Check out the photos below for the fine details, as well shots of the kits that the boys will be wearing in Val di Sole.

Loris Vergier's rig in all its glory.

Closer inspection.

And the flip side.

A bit of Chroma green from Maribor for good luck.

Details matter.

Charlie Harrison's up!

You gotta know who you're riding for.

And what you're riding.

Reece Wilson's bike, representing Tweed Valley, Scotland.

Gold chain for the defending world champ.

That blue is so good.

Now the kit.

Sweet threads.

Splashy helmet.

Get ready for a real fun time in Italy.

Stay tuned all week for more photos of the bikes, and of course stories and results from the year’s biggest week of mountain biking.

Be sure to keep an eye on Trek Factory Racing DH’s Instagram page, too.