World Cup win for Vergier

Loris Vergier wins World Cup Maribor in challenging conditions

Heat and dust defined the weekend of World Cup racing in Maribor. The Slovenian event brought a fast, aggressive and rough course, that was made even more challenging by the high summer conditions. Riders battled throughout practice and qualifying, with many hitting the deck before Sunday’s final had even arrived.

Pushing through the challenges, it was Loris Vergier who would win the weekend. Loris took the unusual honor of being at the top of timed training, qualifications, and then taking the win.

All through practice Loris looked to have the pace for a win

First on the day, and a continued show of force for Loris in Maribor

For Loris, it was a consistent and perfect weekend, devoid of any crashes. “Sometimes its weird not to crash, because then I think I’ll be sure to crash in the race run,” said Loris. “Luckily that was not the case!” One of the sections that proved instrumental for Loris was the end portion, which didn’t highlight tons of technical bits, but still required riders to be focused and maintain their speed through to the finish line.

Happy days!

For the TFR team, a solid weekend overall, with Reece Wilson coming in at 21st, Kade Edwards in 31st, and a recovering Charlie Harrison just behind him in 32nd.

Reece looked good this weekend, but felt like he lost speed in some key sections

Kade enjoying the ride!

Charlie Harrison back in the mix this weekend after his arm injury

Jackson Goldstone wins Juniors

Jackson Goldstone on his way to a great weekend

It was a wild ride for Jackson Goldstone, who nearly didn’t make it to the final after a very hard crash. Regardless of the hit to his side, Jackson lined up for the final, where he was able to sneak in the win by less than a second.

P1 for the Canadian

Coming up next is World Champs in Val di Sol, Italy, where riders will vie for the coveted rainbow jersey!