Ben escapes with the win at Alcatraz

Ben Kanute takes his fourth win at Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

It was one of the most challenging Escape from Alcatraz races yet. Or so says Ben Kanute, the most recent winner of the classic triathlon event. He would know too, this is the fourth time he’s won it. That’s a lot of times to win what is considered one of the hardest triathlon events on the calendar.

To kick things off, the event begins with a 1.5 mile swim from a boat in waters with exceptional chop and current. The conditions on the day proved even more difficult, making the swim one of the longest on record. Ben made his first big move on the 18 mile bike portion, taking the opportunity to put some space between him and the closest competitors. By the time Ben arrived at the 8 mile run, he had a healthy margin, but didn’t take anything for granted as the event tends to throw curve balls. That said, it would be a smooth ride to finish, where Ben celebrated his fourth time breaking the tape at Escape from Alcatraz.


  1. Ben Kanute (USA) – 2:10:11
  2. Jason West (USA) – 2:12:16
  3. Bradley Weiss (RSA) – 2:12:41

No curve balls for Ben, who would run in to take his fourth win!

Holly Lawrence in action

Lawrence takes second

Holly Lawrence had herself a battle in the event, eventually falling behind on the run to Emma Pallant-Browne. It was Holly in the lead coming out of the water, by nearly two minutes. It was Holly ahead on the bike as well, where she added another 30 seconds. However Emma would push ahead on the run, eventualy taking the win by under a minute.


  1. Emma Pallant-Browne (GBR) – 2:22:20
  2. Holly Lawrence (GBR) – 2:23:04
  3. Jackie Hering (USA) – 2:27:44