BIKE CHECK: The Fuel EXs of ‘Parallel II’!

Get the details on Brandon Semenuk and Kade Edwards' rides

You saw the mind-blowing video. (And if you didn’t, what are you doing? Go watch it right now.) But what you may not have realized at the time was that Brandon Semenuk and Kade Edwards were riding the all-new Fuel EX, which was officially released this past week.

The new Fuel EX is versatile, lively and fun. If you need proof of the bike’s capability, we refer you again to the video. (Seriously, treat yourself.) 

Semenuk and Edwards made a few adjustments to the stock Fuel EX to pull off the stunning video. Check out photos from the ride, and get the details below.

Check out those inverse paint schemes.

Brandon's bike.

Brandon Semenuk in the sun.

Kade's bike.

Enjoy Fuel EX with a friend.

The new Fuel EX comes with adjustable features so that you can tune it to wherever you want to roll. The stock 150mm front/140mm rear travel 29er trail bike had the following modifications:

  • The rear 29” wheel was replaced with a smaller 27.5” wheel for a more nimble feel. Because we could, we provided Brandon and Kade with a slightly shorter chainstay to keep things playful. 
  • The bike was fitted with a longer travel 160mm fork. 
  • The adjustable headset allowed for a slacker headtube angle, and more high-speed stability. 
  • The suspension progression chip was flipped to a more progressive setting, preventing harsh bottom outs. 
  • And finally, Trek’s Project One custom painters gave the bikes a one-of-a-kind look, with inverse black-and-white graphics.

To learn more about the Fuel EX, just click here. And of course, follow Semenuk and Edwards for more unbelievable content.

What’s that? You want to watch “Parallel II” again? Good idea: