Brandon Semenuk’s new Slash celebrates his love of rally racing

Rally pace notes may be indecipherable to some, but they look *really* cool on a bike

Brandon Semenuk isn’t satisfied simply being a slopestyle and freeride legend. When he isn’t rewriting history books, he’s often off racing rally cars professionally. He has been an aficionado of rally racing his entire life, and most recently scored a win at the Show-Me Rally in Missouri in Oct., 2020.

Recently, Brandon decided to combine his love of adrenaline sports and dirt into one kick-ass bike. Below, you can check out photos of his brand new Slash, which shows off the nearly-hieroglyphic pace notes that rally drivers use to navigate narrow, twisting, wooded courses at the highest speeds possible.

If you want to know more about how pace notes work, click here. Or stare deeply into Brandon’s frame and try to decipher them yourself.

Finally, Brandon Semenuk's love of mountain biking and rally driving together in one place.

Using all available space.

A rig built for all things dirt.

Some gold chain flair.

And a hub to match.

Clean braking is a key component of all forms of racing.

Stare at Brandon's bike long enough and you might learn a few things.

From the front.

In its element.

Brandon is planning big things in 2022. Be sure to follow him on Instagram, as well as the C3 Project, to keep track of his new bikes, video projects and forthcoming competitions.