Emil Johansson’s Audi Nines winning bike

The game winning bike from this weekends event

2020 has continued to challenge riders of many disciplines, with freeride MTB being no different. Although relatively new in terms of freeride events, Audi Nines has worked hard to push ahead to have a safe and organized show for 2020. The event highlighted big talent, and serves as a prime opportunity for riders to hone their craft on some of the largest man-made terrain and jumps of the year.

The event gives out a number of awards at the end of the week to celebrate the best highlights of the riders. Swedish phenom Emil Johansson took several of the top honors with Best Line Slopestyle, and overall best award of Ruler of the Week.

So let’s take a look at the one of the bikes that got him there!

Emil's custom painted Ticket S that lead him to a win in the slopestyle event

The pointy end.

Seen on TV...in Rotorua.

Custom bits for the Swede.

Yep. Pedals too.

Surf edition decals.

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