Trek Boone

A world championship cyclocross racer just got better

Last January, Lucinda Brand rode the Trek Boone to a thrilling World Championship after dominating a full season of cyclocross. 

That rainbows-winning bike just got even better. The new Boone is built to be the fastest bike on Earth when it comes to the mud, sand and rocks one might come across while racing in the midst of a Belgian winter.

Lucinda Brand taking the new Boone for a spin.

Loves the dirt, but won't say no to a bath.

Even lighter

The new Boone is made with Trek’s OCLV 600 carbon fiber, which means it’s one of the lightest and stiffest bikes we have to offer, whether you’re riding on dirt or the road. And don’t sweat the punishment it’ll take out on the course: OCLV carbon is built to last, but should anything happen it is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Nothing slowing you down ... except maybe the mud.

Still wheelie compatible.

More aero

Boone’s shape takes inspiration from its climbing-oriented cousin. The tube shape is borrowed from the Trek Émonda. Along with tidy, hidden cable routing, there is nothing standing between riders and throwing down their mud-flinging best.

Thibau Nys demonstrating Boone's handling.

Lucinda's Boone earned a personal touch.

What hasn't changed

The Boone maintains the same geometry that has already been proven to be title worthy. It also keeps the same 3S chainkeeper and disc brakes for worry-free performance. 

Boone is still a good running buddy.

World champ approved.

The final word

Boone is a race bike, pure and simple. If you’re ready to take on the elements at full gas — whether wind, rain or snow — Boone is the perfect bike to push your limits.