VIBE CHECK: Loris Vergier’s purple Session and kit at the Andorra World Cup

Loris Vergier is looking extremely fresh for his home race

Andorra has been very good to Loris Vergier. He won the 2022 World Cup race there by a whopping 1.4 seconds, and took second (2019) and first (2018) the two times the World Cup stopped in Andorra before that. Vergier loves the tiny nation so much, he lives there when he isn’t hopping around the world to take on the meanest downhill tracks he can find.

Like last year, Trek and 100% are showing their love for Loris with a custom Session frame and kit. Take a look at the incredibly good vibes below, and get ready for an incredible race this weekend.

This bike is so, so sick.

How could you not be locked in looking like this?

You know who he is.

Footwear on point.

So, so clean.

Details matter.

The fit from the front.

The full bike.

Follow Loris and Trek Factory Racing DH on Instagram to keep up with everything that’s happening on and off the course in Andorra this weekend. We’re entering the home stretch of the season and you won’t want to miss a second of what has already been a drama-filled season.